Bid and Vendor Management


Once designs are approved, the project is released to bid. We will create an RFP and send it out to at least three companies specializing in the needs for this particular sign package. When we have received all the proposals, the Kelly Reid Sign Group will review the bids with you to determine the best vendor for the job.

Upon your OK of the bid, the work shifts into high gear. We will begin applying for permits and work with the approved vendor to get shop drawings of your signs for your authorization. While we manage the vendor on a daily basis, your approval is necessary every step of the way. We will happily answer all of the questions that arise throughout the process and make sure you are comfortable with every single decision.


Providing you with easy to understand information, checking all the boxes and ensuring everybody meets their deadlines is where you will really see the difference when working with the Kelly Reid Sign Group! We specialize in the details that ensure the successful implementation of your sign project.

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